Obinna Ebirim



Eferebo Godson

2015-10-15 21:14

Dr Ebirim a dedicated Dr with a large heart to accommodate and give his best at all times, especially to d service of serving humanity. U got my vote Dr

francisca chinenye

2015-10-15 20:50

Dr obinna is heroes & passionate his profession and job.

Ada Okonkwo

2015-10-15 20:43

Obinna was an old classmate in the primary school. The zealous & meticulous streak has always been there.I've also noted that he puts the social media to good use to fight the scourge of malaria through desemination of helpful tips in that wise.Encourage him with your own vote.Thanks.


2015-10-15 20:34

He is a great person with a great heart who passionately loves his profession and job.


2015-10-15 20:33

He is a great person with a great heart who passionately loves his profession and job.


2015-10-15 20:32

Dr Obinna Ebirim, has always been committed to thing and people around him. He is selfless and God fearing, he deserve my Vote... best wishes bro

Ibim Duke

2015-10-15 20:17

Dr Obinna Ebirim has always been passionate on malaria free campaigns...He's got my vote....Pls cast ur's too for him.

Bai Teddy Joy

2015-10-15 20:06

As Jesus Christ was lifted up in victory so u shall be lifted up in victory here IJN…Amen.

Johnmiller Johnson

2015-10-15 20:01

A God fearing guy and one with a heart of gold, a gentleman who is devoted to help and do his best. Wish him victory

Ofonmbuk Umoh

2015-10-15 19:55

If our youths are seriously yearning for a direction into the future, I think Dr. Obinna is a good lead. Your vote for him is a pat on his back, he deserves it.

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