Josiah Kavuma

Founder and Lead Developer for matibabu, a non-invasive malaria diagnosis solution Director thinkIT Limited


Jacob Serge Akono Amvam

2015-08-25 23:50

Good to fight for Africa !

Margaret Nakiyingi

2015-08-17 00:04

I got my 7 months baby tested using the matibabu kit because of Josiah. I see the future closer with his innovation. i also learn new tips about malaria from his "malaria voice" app on the windows phone store

Janet Nakyeyyune

2015-08-16 23:52

Josiah has always been good at what he does. And with Malaria... he has inspired us all (friends) to start being keen about the health of others esp your children. He has encouraged mothers around his home area to always go for early malaria checkups with their children. he does this via whatsapp too... funny i know...

Lydia Namawejje

2015-07-23 22:38

He is fighting against malaria with his innovative smartphone app, matibabu, to test for malaria non-invasively. He is also educating the masses about malaria using social media like facebook and twitter

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