Obinna Ebirim



Edafiaga Benjamin

2015-10-16 01:51

Dr. Obinna has passion for Malaria eradication in Nigeria and the African Region. He is so dedicated to doing this and very passionate about this.

Victor Ebirim

2015-10-16 01:32

Dr. Obinna is an intelligent, disciplined, hardworking, respectful and self motivated young man. He has a heart for service. I cast my vote for him. Victor C. Ebirim

emeka diokpa

2015-10-16 01:29

I have personally worked with Dr. Ebirim Obinna. I strongly recommend him 4 d award.

Maimuna Hamisu

2015-10-16 01:25

Dr Obinna is a very hard working and result orientated person. Wishing you all the best. Dr Maimuna.

Maimuna Hamisu

2015-10-16 01:23

Dr Obinna is a very Hard working and result orientated person. Wishing you all the Best. Dr maimuna

karakitie presley

2015-10-16 01:19

he is a medical doctor, a humanitarian at heart and world greatest philanthropist. he sure deserve this award.............


2015-10-16 01:06

Dr Obinna is a young dynamic professional medical doctor whose safe less service is for humanity and has worked hard in his crusade for total eradication of malaria worldwide, so,he deserves the award because his dynamism for the roll back malaria crusade.

Claire Efobi

2015-10-16 01:03

He is dedicated and reliable for the post

Ezioma EFOBI

2015-10-16 00:53

Doctor Obinna Ebirim is dedicated in his duty and is one person you can rely on

pita chuks

2015-10-16 00:35

He is dedicated and deserve the award

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