Melissa Kapulu



Peter Bull

2015-11-16 23:29

Melissa is making a very significant contribution to research on malaria control and in inspiring the next generation of young scientists. She fully desrves to win this award!

Narshion Ngao

2015-11-16 18:40

Melissa is awesome and zealous on the fight against malaria.

Barnes Kitsao

2015-11-15 18:46

Melissa is a dedicated and committed researcher in malaria. She has given her time and energy in combating malaria in Africa. Keep it up Melissa - you are the person!

alun davies

2015-11-15 17:53

Superb contribution to inspiring young Kenyan scientists of the future through participating in "I'm a scientists get me out of here."

Anthony Etyang

2015-11-13 20:14

Keep up the good work Melissa!wishing you all the best

eunice N

2015-11-13 19:31

good work Melissa! you are a brilliant scientist and truly passionate to fight malaria. It is my pleasure to endorse you!

Angela Karani

2015-11-13 02:54

The passion you have for your work saw you come back to Africa your mother continent to help fight the disease.So who else more worthy to receive the award than you.So go Melissa go!!.

Vandana Thathy

2015-11-13 02:50

Good luck!

anne bett

2015-11-13 02:42

From Africa to UK to acquire knowledge and back to Africa to fight malaria. who else should get this award if not you Melissa!

Moses Moosobo

2015-11-13 02:39

Melissa contributes enormously to combat malaria in Africa. Melissa is a brilliant scientist, I strongly endorse her for the award.

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