Categories and selection


  • You can make any number of nominations. 
  • Individual nominees can be nominated in only one category. 
  • Categories are inclusive of Twitter and Facebook social media platforms only.
  • Nominations must be relevant to the selected category.
  • Individuals may nominate themselves.
  • Nominees must have a valid social media account that has been active since before the start of the Awards voting period. 

Category descriptions  


90% of the world’s malaria occurs in African countries. From advocates and activists, to scientists, health workers and those in between, this category recognizes outstanding individuals who use social media to effectively engage their peers and other stakeholders, and showcase the needs and achievements in the fight against malaria in the region.


90% du paludisme mondial touche les pays africains. Des partisans et des activistes, aux scientifiques et aux travailleurs de la santé et ceux entre les deux, cette catégorie reconnaît des individus exceptionnels qui utilisent les médias sociaux pour engager efficacement leurs pairs et d'autres parties prenantes, et de présenter les besoins et les réalisations dans la lutte contre le paludisme régional.

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Asia Pacific countries are embarking on the realization of a historic commitment to eliminate malaria from the entire region by 2030. This will require the coordinated actions of policy-makers and advocates, researchers, health workers and the whole of society. This award category highlights the individuals across the Asia Pacific region who use social media most effectively to promote the elimination goal and showcase the excellent work of the anti-malaria campaign.

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Most Latin American countries have met the Millenium Development Goal for 2015 of reducing the number of diagnosed cases by 75%, and six countries have entered the pre-elimination phase. The progress is promising and elimination is within reach with the combined efforts of advocates and activists, researchers, health workers and those in between. This category award recognizes the individuals who use social media most effectively to promote progress towards malaria elimination and showcase the work that is happening to achieve this goal.


Desde defensores y activistas, hasta investigadores, trabajadores de salud y similares, esta categoría es para las personas de la región de América Latina que utilizan los "social media" o redes sociales más eficazmente para promover y exponer la lucha contra la malaria.

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New perspectives, ideas and idealism often come from some of our youngest leaders. This category shines a spotlight on individuals under 30 who use social media to actively encourage sharing and dialogue on malaria, helping us all to see the challenges and opportunities around us in fresh ways.


De nouvelles perspectives, des idées et de l’idéalisme viennent souvent de certains de nos jeunes leaders. Cette catégorie braque le feu des projecteurs sur les individus de moins de 30 ans qui utilisent les médias sociaux pour encourager activement le partage et le dialogue sur le paludisme, en nous aidant tous à voir les défis et les opportunités autour de nous d’une manière renouvelée.


Nuevas perspectivas, ideas e idealismo provienen, muchas veces, de algunos de nuestros líderes más jóvenes. Esta categoría "aporta luz" a las personas menores de 30 años que utilizan las redes sociales y así fomentan activamente el intercambio y el diálogo sobre la malaria, ayudándonos a ver los retos y oportunidades que nos rodean desde nuevas perspectivas.

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Continued progress against malaria will depend on the application of scientific thinking to the development of innovative tools, models and approaches. This award seeks out nominations of scientists, researchers and other forward thinkers who use social media to highlight new thinking or research, new approaches, or novel technologies, in the fight against malaria.

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Being ‘social’ is more than simply using Twitter or Facebook to share content or news. From journalists, bloggers and social media moderators to researchers, policy wonks and those in between, this award is for that stand-out person with the strongest ‘social attitudes’ of helping others and adding value to the malaria response. This is likely to be one of the ‘mavens’ you depend on to point you towards the latest malaria-related perspectives or opinions, new developments or resources.

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Judging and winner selection

The judging panel will select only from the nominated individuals. Nominees will be scored based on:

  • Relevance to the award category.
  • Support provided in nomination and endorsements.
  • Quality and originality of shared content.
  • Engagement with online community.
  • The size of the nominee’s online community (number of followers, likes, fans, members etc.) will not be considered in the selection of the winners.
  • Judges’ decisions are final.

The panel is drawn from partners' organizations and Inis Communication.

Nominees who have a role in the governance/operations of Inis Communication and the judging panel are not eligible for the awards, and cannot continue to nominate or endorse award nominees once their participation in the adjudication or governance process is announced.