Sara Canavati


APMEN Secretariat 2015-06-12 06:30 Sara is a champion promoter of malaria elimination activities in the Asia Pacific region, and particularly her project work in Cambodia with Clinical Tropical Medicine Research, Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit. Sara regularly shares her own and other colleagues photos and tweets that relay the message of 'a malaria-free Asia Pacific by 2030'. She is a great example of when technical expertise combines with advocacy for malaria elimination. Deserving of a follow! #MFAP2030 I am also a co-administrator of the Facebook page of the World Federation of Parasitologists, along with Christopher Haggarty-Weir, where I share new knowledge on malaria issues. Kindly feel free to visit the Facebook page at: In my ten years working in South East Asia, I have also try very hard to connect my colleagues to the existing sources on advocacy of malaria (especially Facebook and Twitter). I have personally invited my colleagues to the Facebook pages and twitter accounts "ISGLOBAL - Barcelona Institute for Global Health", "The Shoklo Malaria Research Unit", "Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance - APLMA", and the "APMEN". Several hundreds of my colleagues have liked and follow these pages and they say they have been greatly benefited from it. I have also added email lists from out Cambodian Research Consortium to the Malaria Elimination Initiative/Global Health Group, University of California, San Francisco updates on innovative tools for malaria elimination. These are only brief examples of what I have done . Most importantly, I have used my own Facebook page to advocate for malaria elimination and share the latests updates in the region. Most of my friends are colleagues working in malaria in the Asia Pacific. Many say that my Facebook page acts as a closed group for all of us in the Asia Pacific working in malaria to share resources relevant to our field. I have my twitter and Facebook accounts linked as well so everything I twit it also goes to my Facebook page. I strongly believe that malaria advocacy is crucial for malaria elimination- the most important parasitic disease of humans.


Susana Barbosa

2015-07-19 15:18

I could only wish for people in the malaria world to have half the commitment I see in Sara for things to come into place faster. My facebook page hasn't been the same since I know her. She deserves this token of appreciation.

Kathy Burgoine

2015-07-19 05:55

Ever passionate, dedicated and hardworking in her fight against Malaria and increasing everyone's awareness of the challenges of this disease. She is particularly active through her regular facebook posts of relevant malaria research, articles and interviews both by her group and others.

Christian Lengeler

2015-07-19 04:08

Passion, hard work and commitment... The qualities of Sara in her fight against malaria, the only ones that will bring us to the next level!

Carlos Rivera

2015-07-19 02:58

Sara has dedicated much of her career time to promote information on malaria through different social networks. Her facebook page has been an inspiration to many as she keeps all her colleages involved in the latest malaria issues and uses it to promote other's work with great enthusiasm.

Elena Tuseo

2015-07-18 23:26

Strong work and focus on malaria, I strongly recommend her!!

Luciano TUSEO

2015-07-18 19:00

I strongly recommend Sara for her dedication to malaria elimination in Cambodia, fully passionate in the fight against malaria and its advocacy. This is the kind of support that we need. Thank you for all your support Sara!

Sara Cuesta

2015-07-16 23:06

Sara has been in the fight against malaria for many years. She has shared her challenges of working in the field with many. She has used social media to post photos that communicate the daily struggles of the malaria fighters. All the best to Sara in all she does.

Elena Torre

2015-07-16 23:02

Sara likes to take pictures of her work and her laboratory to raise awareness on malaria and she posts these pictures to use them for educational purposes in the World Federation of Parasitologists Facebook page.

Manuel de la Torre

2015-07-16 22:56

Dr Sara Canavati's malaria work is not limited to drug trials to fight agains artemisinin resistance. She spends a significant amount of her time doing Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook. She shares very insightful information on malaria issues. She also administers the World Federation of Parasitologists Facebook page where she posts the latest news and developments in the malaria world.

sonny krishnan

2015-06-26 00:39

Sara is fully dedicated in the fight to eliminate malaria in the Asia-Pacific. Her passion is unrivalled and she is a pleasure to work with. She truly deserves this award.

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