Sara Canavati


APMEN Secretariat 2015-06-12 06:30 Sara is a champion promoter of malaria elimination activities in the Asia Pacific region, and particularly her project work in Cambodia with Clinical Tropical Medicine Research, Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit. Sara regularly shares her own and other colleagues photos and tweets that relay the message of 'a malaria-free Asia Pacific by 2030'. She is a great example of when technical expertise combines with advocacy for malaria elimination. Deserving of a follow! #MFAP2030 I am also a co-administrator of the Facebook page of the World Federation of Parasitologists, along with Christopher Haggarty-Weir, where I share new knowledge on malaria issues. Kindly feel free to visit the Facebook page at: In my ten years working in South East Asia, I have also try very hard to connect my colleagues to the existing sources on advocacy of malaria (especially Facebook and Twitter). I have personally invited my colleagues to the Facebook pages and twitter accounts "ISGLOBAL - Barcelona Institute for Global Health", "The Shoklo Malaria Research Unit", "Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance - APLMA", and the "APMEN". Several hundreds of my colleagues have liked and follow these pages and they say they have been greatly benefited from it. I have also added email lists from out Cambodian Research Consortium to the Malaria Elimination Initiative/Global Health Group, University of California, San Francisco updates on innovative tools for malaria elimination. These are only brief examples of what I have done . Most importantly, I have used my own Facebook page to advocate for malaria elimination and share the latests updates in the region. Most of my friends are colleagues working in malaria in the Asia Pacific. Many say that my Facebook page acts as a closed group for all of us in the Asia Pacific working in malaria to share resources relevant to our field. I have my twitter and Facebook accounts linked as well so everything I twit it also goes to my Facebook page. I strongly believe that malaria advocacy is crucial for malaria elimination- the most important parasitic disease of humans.


Nguyen Thu Huong

2015-10-16 13:18

She is well done work in fight Malaria

Lan Mao

2015-10-16 09:36

Sara did a great job in Cambodia to fight Malaria.

Christina do Paço

2015-10-16 09:28

Sara is a passionate malaria researcher, extremely committed to fight this terrible disease and one of the world specialist in artemisinin resistance in South East Asia.

PH Young

2015-10-16 04:44

You have a great experience and focus on malaria in Cambodia. You became a resource person in this field... Fantastic!!!

Jack Richards

2015-10-15 18:20

In the heartland of artemisinin resistance, Sara has walked the long and muddy paths to find the next person with malaria. In the nearby clinic, she has been seated beside an old lady dying of congestive cardiac failure (found incidentally to locating people with malaria). A week later, she has been in an academic meeting presenting world-leading research findings on malaria drug treatment. In the evenings she is on social media spreading the word about malaria to a world that is often not only a thousand miles away in distance, but a thousand miles away in their thoughts and priorities. She has done much to bridge these different worlds, to care for and advocate for those that have little and who are often times unable to help themselves. She thoroughly deserves this nomination.

phou maly

2015-10-15 16:55

Sara always share about malaria information to everyone and she work so hard for many peoples. I support you Sara.

Lenny Ekawati

2015-10-15 16:42

Sara inspires me on how we can use the social media to introduce our and others work in malaria research. I gain much useful information from her posts and expect to receive more in the future! To me, she deserves to be acknowledged as an Asia-Pacific Malaria Champion. Go Sara!

Virak Prum

2015-10-15 16:13

Sara is one of malaria fighters. She usually shares the malaria information to everyone. I really support Sara.

Kevin Baird

2015-10-15 16:02

Sara works the front lines of the battle against malaria in the Asia-Pacific, managing patients, conducting clinical research, and tirelessly advocating awareness through social media. She has earned my vote as a malaria hero in the region.

phou maly

2015-10-15 15:42

Sara always share about malaria information to everyone and she work so hard for many peoples. I support you Sara.

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