Awalludin Sutamihardja


He is actively promote malaria awareness in medsos. He is also a malaria researcher since 1992. Starting as malaria microscopist in West Papua, Indonesia. He has promote malaria awareness and work to fight malaria many malaria endemic areas such as Indonesia, Vanuatu, Cambodia, Navy lab in Maryland USA, working at NIH USA, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and now Vietnam. He is guru for microscopist for PFSPZ malaria vaccine accross Africa. He has involved in the making of Malaria Training Centre in Waikabubak of Sumba Island. He promote his work into sosmed to inspire others to make malaria only a history.


Adnina Azzahra

2015-11-18 15:58

Goodluck pak awal!!

Septia R Azhari

2015-11-16 16:26

good luck sir !!!

Sya'roni Ahmad

2015-11-15 13:20

Good luck, my best friend.....

Barney Graham

2015-11-14 03:49

Awal is an extraordinary person and investigator who has made multiple contributions to fighting malaria. He graciously spent 3 weeks with us at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health to help read blood smears during the challenge phase of vaccine studies being conducted on the irradiated sporozoite vaccine candidate. Awal is a world renown expert on the microscopic appearance of malaria and was essential for the successful performance of this trial that has now advanced to efficacy testing. He is most deserving of this recognition. Barney S. Graham, MD, PhD, Deputy Director, Vaccine Research Center, NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA

Nadiyah Sodiq

2015-11-11 22:36

Good luck Pak Awal!

husni rasyad

2015-11-10 19:09

Ayo, Kang Awal. Harumkan nama Kosambi! Proud of You

Saptoro Rusmiarto

2015-11-09 14:34

Semangat ya dan semoga sukses. Awal...

Daniel Njenga

2015-11-09 07:39

You deserve it Awal! your student in malaria microscopy 2013 in Tanzania...still learning from him. good luck

imam hanafy

2015-11-08 21:13

Mr. Awalludin is very cool Good luck

Ken Awuondo

2015-11-08 21:08

When it comes to Malaria, Awal always fight it with all his energies and every Arsenal he comes accross especially Microscope. With no hesitation, I highly recommend you for the nomination........this is yours! I worked with Awal in Tanazania as Training Facilitators and I still look forward to work with Awal again.....

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