Jufel Ma Lourdes Guinanao

Nominated for


Jufel Ma Lourdes Guinanao


Information Resource Officer of Asian Collaborative Training Network for Malaria Foundation Inc (ACTMalaria Foundation Inc)


Cecilia Hugo

2015-09-17 20:40

She manages to keep the ACTMalaria community connected and updated about developments in malaria in the region, particularly in the area of capacity building. She continues to manage and update reference collections and malaria database in the malaria resource center and maintains the link between and among the malaria workforce -- country programs, malaria experts, technical partners, program managers, key staff and alumni of the ACTMalaria trainings……all via the virtual environment!!!

Rogelio Mendoza

2015-09-15 19:31

A young Information Resource Officer who collects resources(books, news, articles, etc) about malaria and puts in the database for info sharing.

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