Matthew Todd

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Matthew Todd

Mat currently leads the Open Source Malaria Consortium ( - a diverse group of fantastic people dedicated to finding new ways to defeat malaria using open source principles: everything is shared, anyone can take part and there will be no patents. The project uses social media a great deal (see, It's centrally funded by the Medicines for Malaria Venture and the Australian Research Council.


Sara Canavati

2015-11-04 22:16

Matthew, open source malaria is an amazing project!! Truly what we need to exchange information and advocate for new treatment options especially now in the light of artemisisn resistance !

Jaya Banerji

2015-11-04 19:18

Knowledge sharing, open source and partnership - all key to defeating malaria. The Open Source Malaria Consortium has it all and Matt leads the way!

Christopher Haggarty-Weir

2015-08-17 06:49

Keep cracking on with the great work Matt!

Michelle Barker

2015-06-04 14:06

Matthew's innovative contributions to developing the open source malaria community are inspirational

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