Naomi Kodama

Since age 8, Naomi S. Kodama, (now 17), has worked with the United Nations Foundation’s malaria eradication campaign, “Nothing But Nets.” Recognized by the United Nations Foundation as the 25th Champion of Nothing But Nets in 2011, (in 7th grade), Naomi has continued to work on different campaigns alongside Nothing But Nets, and has traveled to Mali, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa to deliver malaria bed nets, books, and stuffed animals to various orphanages and childcare centers. When she is at home attending school, Naomi puts forth an effort to create awareness about malaria, and works to involve her peers. However, spreading the “buzz” does not end within the limits of the classroom. When she was 13, Naomi was invited to speak at a high school in Mainz, Germany, and when she was 14, she was invited to speak at the United Nations Foundation Headquarters as a part of the United Nations Youth Ambassadors program, and has spoken as a part of that program in other years at the United Nations Headquarters and UNICEF Headquarters. She also spoke about malaria on behalf of Nothing But Nets at the Social Good Summit in New York in 2013: an event with over 2 million twitter followings that was broadcasted live to over 100 countries in 7 different languages. Founding member of United Nations – Nothing But Nets Champions Council, Naomi was recently recognized this September 2015, as Outstanding Student Leader by the St. Louis County, MO, USA.



2015-10-15 04:10

Naomi, belíssimo trabalho!! Parabéns e muito sucesso!! Abraços!

Nochide Masatoshi

2015-10-15 02:44

She is the greatest! from Kanazawa Japan

Rogerio Kita

2015-10-15 02:43

NAOMI is a special girl !! Regards from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Michisuke Hiramatau

2015-10-15 02:06

頑張って下さい(^-^)/ 応援していますo(^▽^)o

Yoshitaka Watanabe

2015-10-14 22:04

She is a brilliant reader! Flom Yamanashi Japan


2015-10-14 22:03

引き続きがんばってください!日本・金沢から応援しています!! GO!JAPAN!LOVE!NAOMI!

Katsunori Kuriyama

2015-10-14 21:26

素晴らしい活動ですね!応援しています!! Good luck!! From Shizuoka,Japan

Noiri Terumitsu

2015-10-14 20:38

応援してます!頑張ってください。 From Aichi, JAPAN

Hidekazu Saito

2015-10-14 17:54

日本から大きな声援を送ります。 From Yamagata-Japan

Francislaine Theophilo

2015-10-14 14:39

That's great

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