Mària Sanchez Moreno

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Mària Sanchez Moreno


I'm not so young and my country is Catalonia! #research #leishmania #malaria #H2020 #27S2015 #MarieCurie #MSCA. I recently joined the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (IS Global) where I'm is responsible of the reporting, financial and legal tasks of researches, maintaining communication with the R&D teams, consortia and partners, donors and funding institutions such the European Commission and the Bill & Belinda Gates Foundation.


CISSE N'Diorffou

2015-10-14 04:00

Courage et Bonne Chance Naomi pour tes efforts dans la lutte contre cette Maladie qui ne cesse de tuer beaucoup d'enfants en Afrique. Good Luck NAOMI. N'Diorffou CISSE from JCI-Mali.

Bobby Ramakant

2015-08-19 23:25

Maria has used Twitter effectively on science communications around malaria and other neglected diseases too

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