Melissa Kapulu



Marianne Munene

2015-06-28 21:51

Leading the fight against malaria from all fronts. Melissa is dedicated, motivated and passionate about malaria elimination. She is inspiring to all of us. Keep fighting the good fight.

Dayo Adetifa

2015-06-25 19:08

Kudos to Melissa for this nomination. We have lots of brilliant scientists getting on with their stuff but communication and engagement is not our/their forte. Yet, this is essential especially if evidence generated is to make it into policy and adopted by the larger community. Melissa is a successful hybrid- a hardworking scientist committed to advancing the frontiers in the fight against malaria, and a very successful one at communication, community engagement and advocacy. I wholeheartedly endorse this nomination. Fly Melissa, fly!

Oscar Nyangiri

2015-06-24 19:13

Melissa's enthusiasm on malaria and health related topics is reflected in her tweets ! She is in a unique position to engage and inform on malaria through her research work on malaria transmission. Go for it Melissa!

Maxwell Zange

2015-06-24 04:49

As we endorse Melissa for the Social Media Awards 2015, let's not forget her exemplary work in fighting malaria in Africa as a research scientist - and of course her countless enlightening tweets/re-tweets on health related topics (occasional football) on her twitter handle @melissakapulu. #KeepUpTheGoodWorkMel

Dorothy ikamba

2015-06-24 02:24

I began to follow melissakapulu during the "I’m a scientist get me out of here competition" a free online X Factor-style competition between scientists, where the students are the judges. It was interesting to learn of the challenges young people face and she offered wisdom and insight for those who have a huge thirst for information. Melissa was funny and informative and I think she was able to inspire a few young minds to explore a career in science. She is my first point of contact when I am looking for cutting edge content on the challenges posed by Malaria to the African continent. The less said about her football affiliations the better.

Milensu Shanyinde

2015-06-24 01:37

Melissa= Brilliant scientist, passion, self-motivated, driven. Has a vision fight against malaria. Keep up the excellent work!

Sophie Uyoga

2015-06-23 18:19

True passion for malaria elimination deserves recognition. Well done Melissa!

Nchafatso Gikenyi

2015-06-23 16:52

Melissa, keep up the good work - taking malaria in Africa head on!

Horace Gumba

2015-06-22 23:56

A scientist with vast knowledge and experience in malaria research, ''pamoja tuangamize malaria'', we can all kick malaria out of Africa.

Caroline Ogwang

2015-06-22 21:03

A brilliant scientist who knows how to disseminate science to the masses. She is very passionate about malaria control.

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