Melissa Kapulu



Sarah Atkinson

2015-11-13 02:25

Melissa is 100% committed to fighting malaria and a great inspiration to scientists in Africa and across the world. Go Melissa!

Michael Opiyo

2015-11-13 02:24

Hi Melissa. Why not? This is your chance to shine to the world. I'm behind you all the way and together we will make you reach the top. Mike.

Oscar Kai

2015-11-05 00:51

Go Melissa for the regional malaria champion Africa! You are an effective communicator and i guess uniquely positioned on matters that touch on research on Malaria

Amare Deribew

2015-10-20 19:22

As a scientist and effective communicator, Melisa has contributed a great work to control malaria in Africa.

Amare Deribew

2015-10-20 19:22

As a scientist and effective communicator, Melisa has contributed a great work to control malaria in Africa.

Ndashe Kapulu

2015-10-10 00:45

Melissa you are such an inspiration. You have continued to contribute to the betterment of humanity; your cause to save young African children and mothers can not go without notice. keep up the good work and all the best.

Winter Okoth

2015-09-06 03:57

Melissa you are such a huge inspiration to women scientists throughout Africa and beyond! It was great pleasure and honor meeting you last year when I visited Kenya Medical Research Institute - Wellcome Trust, in Kilifi Mombasa, Kenya! This is Winter :-)! and I hereby endorse you too!! Keep up the great work in the fight against malaria!

Kevin Marsh

2015-08-24 21:31

What a pleasure to endorse Melissa for the regional malaria champion Africa! Melissa is a gifted communicator and researcher who brings passion and energy to everything she does. She is someone who is contributing enormously to the fight against malaria and to the development of high quality science in Africa

Elizabeth Owor Owor

2015-08-24 19:51

Melissa's passion for the fight against malaria is only matched by her extreme love for football and Zambia. I keep telling her she is in the wrong profession and would make a fantastic sports commentator, especially for a football match. But to see all of that passion channeled into science, particularly malaria research is a true reflection of her dedication to contribute to changing lives and having an impact in Africa....proud of the work you do girl!! Onwards and upwards!!

Evans Kaimoyo

2015-08-23 19:36

Melissa is a great scientist. The research strategy she and her collaborators have taken to combat malaria has a great potential to complement the more traditional approaches. Melissa is not only a brilliant scientist but also a great human being with a very humane side, which explains why she has taken up research in malaria with passion. I very clearly recognize the competition but also wish to very strongly endorse her for the award.

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