Lazarus Eze


Lazarus Eze is a public health physician, health policy advocate and youth development consultant. He studied Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and graduated with the Medical Student Prize. He had his graduate studies in public health and global health at the University of Kentucky where he graduated with distinctions and received awards for exceeding expectation of his degree program. He has more than 7 years’ cumulative experience in health advocacy; with clinical and programmatic experiences in prevention and management of communicable and non-communicable diseases. He presently works with the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), a prominent non-profit organization in Nigeria where he, among other things, leads the Global Fund support to the Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in 5 Nigerian states. In October 2013, he initiated the use of the hashtag #BeatMalaria to create awareness and share resources on Malaria prevention and management. He has also granted multiple interviews on social media, newspapers and radio where he advocated demonstration of stronger political commitment by government at all levels to eliminate malaria in Africa. In recognition of his selfless efforts in this regard, he was made a made a Brand Ambassador of Social Good Nigeria in October 2014. Laz, as fondly called by friends, has demonstrated strong passion for health. While he was a medical student, he founded a student club known as HIV/AIDS Prevention Promotion Youth (HAPPY) Club. Under his leadership, membership of the club grew from seven to seventy four within two years; several activities aimed at educating the students on HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health issues were carried out. The club has grown to become HAPPYNigeria – a youth-led NGO that inspires young Nigerians to advocate, initiate and implement health development activities in their communities. He also led 5 other student organizations including the Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA). Furthermore, he has delivered speeches at multiple conferences within and outside Nigeria, trained hundreds of young people as peer educators on HIV/AIDS, adolescent health and malaria, built capacity of community health workers on improved service delivery and led popular health advocacy campaigns using social media. He was recently acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) for his contributions to the making of the World Youth Reports on Migration 2013. His global health activities have attracted multiple awards to him including the recognition as Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO) Ambassador by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Laz is an alumnus of Young People We Care (YPWC) and Clinton Global Initiative University (2013). He is a co-host of #TalkHealth9ja – a weekly radio show that potentially reaches more than 2 million people with public health information. He leads a team of 54 youth advocating on WSRHR issues in Nigeria using hashtag #Choice4Life on social media.


Dayo Ibitoye

2015-07-06 00:06

I have known Dr. Laz since 2008 when we were both campus journalists and activists in our respective universities. I have followed him closely through the years and I can boldly say he is a great inspiration to many Nigerian youths. His passion to see malaria kicked out of the country cannot be over emphasised. His regular campaign on social media to #BeatMalaria has raised massive awareness to making sure the government is doing the right thing towards completely eradicating malaria, citizens are more aware of steps to take in preventing Infectious Diseases and alot more. He is my malaria hero.

Eze Okorie

2015-07-05 23:58

Dr. Laz Ude Eze, singled Malaria as a focal niche in the Public health challenges. He has played remarkable and commendable front roles on the fight against Malaria in Nigeria and beyond; chief among many is the #TalkHealthNaija program on Wazobia fm Abuja. On this platform, the widely and easier to understand Nigerian pidgin English is what he uses to enlighten millions of local listeners. He also plays active role on the campaign against Malaria on Social networking platforms e.g. facebook and twitter. He has my endorsement!

Sly Ogbu

2015-07-05 23:46

Dr Laz is a raw African breed,a survivor of the Malaria Scourge. Little wonder the efforts he has put in this fight against malaria. Traversing the war-zones of North East Nigerian with the malaria message is risky enough. I have always prayed that his effort pays off. Laz is a beacon of hope to a lot of people.

Ogbonnia Nwachi

2015-07-05 23:39

Dr Lazarus Eze Is A Committed Fighter Against Maleria. As A Medical Doctor And With His Wealth Of Experience, He Had Made Sacrifices In Nigeria And Beyond Even To The Risk Of His Own Life, To Ensure That The World Is Rid Of This Scourge. I Feared For Him The Day He Posted On Facebook, That He Was In Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria, Administering Maleria Treatment On Children And Adults In That Boko Haram Enclave, Where People Are Killed Daily By Suicide Bombers And Gunmen. Dr. Laz Attended The Prestigious Government Secondary School, Afikpo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria, Where I Was Privileged To Be One Of His Teachers. He Is Intelligent And Industrious, Versatile And Ingenious, Dependable And Reliable. He Is Eminently Qualified For Your Award And I Hereby Endorse Him.

Magnus Eze

2015-07-05 23:26

Dr. Laz Eze, a young public health specialist is very passionate about confronting the malaria scourge in Nigeria and beyond. His interventions especially in the area of community education via local and street language of communication have been quite effective. With the likes of Dr. Laz, malaria is wont to lose the battle against humanity. The truth is that his life is wholly committed to the fight against malaria. I strongly recommend him for even higher responsibilities in this regard.

Daniel Onwuliri

2015-07-05 23:20

He is a sufferer, an advocate, a pillar, a worker, a teacher and leader for all Malaria causes. He continues to be a beacon of hope and a reminder to many that indeed the fight against Malaria can and will be won. Being a doctor, who comes from the tropics of West Africa, has made his passion for the eradication of Malaria, appropriately and very well situated. Also, as a Nigerian, it is a fact that he has suffered multiple times from the scourge of malaria and has had to manage children, pregnant mothers and families who have had to deal with Malaria episodes at one point or the other. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving of this honor than Dr. Laz.

Victor Chuks Nwafor

2015-07-05 23:01

Dr Laz has always used the social media to preach about the fight against malaria, I dont know him in person but I follow him on twitter, as a young public health enthusiast I started following him when I noticed the level at which he uses his handle to campaign against malaria and retweet relevant information about the defeating the malaria scourge. With this I'm encouraged to do so and I will campaign to end malaria.

Esther|#SocialGoodNG Agbarakwe

2015-07-02 04:07

My Malaria hero is Dr. Lazarus Eze, a Young Nigeria passionate about beating malaria in my generation. Dr. Lazarus is a medical doctor and a public health specialist with extensive experience in community service and youth empowerment. in Africa wedding receptions are unique and very important ceremony where people gather to celebrate newly wedded couple, but for Dr. Laz Eze and his new wife, their wedding reception was an opportunity to educate people on malaria prevention. Dr. Laz Eze and wife not only talked about Malaria prevention during their reception, they practically demonstrated the use of Long lasting insecticide treated net at the center of the reception hall. Dr. Laz Eze who also works at the Monitoring and Evaluation officer on the Global Fund Malaria Project with Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), continues to use social media to amplify his #BeatMalaria campaign he started in 2013 at the Social Good Nigeria Summit in Abuja. Dr Laz Eze not only talk and act on his malaria prevention commitment but also dedicates his time to mentor young advocates. See the interview he granted Rural Reporters Dr. Laz Eze also uses his Radio Talk show, Talk Health Naija to empower communities on Malaria prevention and other public health issues. Dr. Laz Eze is my Malaria Hero and a young leader who inspires me.

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