Lazarus Eze


Lazarus Eze is a public health physician, health policy advocate and youth development consultant. He studied Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and graduated with the Medical Student Prize. He had his graduate studies in public health and global health at the University of Kentucky where he graduated with distinctions and received awards for exceeding expectation of his degree program. He has more than 7 years’ cumulative experience in health advocacy; with clinical and programmatic experiences in prevention and management of communicable and non-communicable diseases. He presently works with the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH), a prominent non-profit organization in Nigeria where he, among other things, leads the Global Fund support to the Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in 5 Nigerian states. In October 2013, he initiated the use of the hashtag #BeatMalaria to create awareness and share resources on Malaria prevention and management. He has also granted multiple interviews on social media, newspapers and radio where he advocated demonstration of stronger political commitment by government at all levels to eliminate malaria in Africa. In recognition of his selfless efforts in this regard, he was made a made a Brand Ambassador of Social Good Nigeria in October 2014. Laz, as fondly called by friends, has demonstrated strong passion for health. While he was a medical student, he founded a student club known as HIV/AIDS Prevention Promotion Youth (HAPPY) Club. Under his leadership, membership of the club grew from seven to seventy four within two years; several activities aimed at educating the students on HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health issues were carried out. The club has grown to become HAPPYNigeria – a youth-led NGO that inspires young Nigerians to advocate, initiate and implement health development activities in their communities. He also led 5 other student organizations including the Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA). Furthermore, he has delivered speeches at multiple conferences within and outside Nigeria, trained hundreds of young people as peer educators on HIV/AIDS, adolescent health and malaria, built capacity of community health workers on improved service delivery and led popular health advocacy campaigns using social media. He was recently acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) for his contributions to the making of the World Youth Reports on Migration 2013. His global health activities have attracted multiple awards to him including the recognition as Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO) Ambassador by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Laz is an alumnus of Young People We Care (YPWC) and Clinton Global Initiative University (2013). He is a co-host of #TalkHealth9ja – a weekly radio show that potentially reaches more than 2 million people with public health information. He leads a team of 54 youth advocating on WSRHR issues in Nigeria using hashtag #Choice4Life on social media.


Biodun Awosusi

2015-08-26 20:41

Laz is an exceptional health advocate committed to mobilizing stakeholders and resources to #beatmalaria #defeatmalaria. I strongly recommend him for the award.

Alessandro Lauria

2015-07-22 05:35

It is an honor to be nominated for this award along with this man who is doing so much to help defeat malaria on the front lines! Were it not for people like him, I might not have survived malaria myself. No matter what, we are all malaria heroes! Alessandro Lauria - Founder - Malaria Defense Project

Golden Obasi

2015-07-19 20:57

No day or post passes without an update from Laz concerning Malaria. He is very passionate about eradicating this ailment and spends time and energy in doings so. He deserves to be recognised.

Benison Ovoke

2015-07-13 08:59

Dr. Laz is a phenomenon. He is known to me for close to to 20 years now, being my senior at Government College, Afikpo. He has always lived his life advocating for solutions to public and social goals. When he opted for medicine and later pitched for public health and malaria, some of us who know him too well shined some laughter with great respite being sure that by the time he is done with malaria, it (malaria) will definitely become a thing of the past. His many strategies are already working - #BeatMalaria, #TalkhealthNaija, #Happynigeria etc. Laz is a man that fires from all cylinder to remove malaria not only in Nigeria but Africa and possibly Worldover. I endorse him for this award.

W Jegede

2015-07-10 14:15

Laz's commitment to public health truly deserves recognition. I know because I had the privilege of watching his ideas grow over the years as one of his colleagues in medical school. He has found his calling and passion and I know he will continue to make great strides.

Femi Akinwumi

2015-07-10 13:57

Dr. Laz Ude Eze has demonstrated uncommon passion and zeal towards elimination of malaria from the shores of Nigeria. Through his campaign on social media using #BeatMalaria, thousands of young persons are now aware of the serious health and socioeconomic impact of malaria and various low cost strategies for control and prevention of the disease. Over the years, he has helped many states in Nigeria to strengthen their health system in order to deliver prompt, effective malaria diagnosis and treatment. Also, having been working together in the last 18 months at HAPPYNigeria, which he co-founded and pioneered, I have known him to be a team player, focused and goal-oriented individual.

Elo Onyia

2015-07-09 11:18

Donlaz is someone who make difficult tasks seem simple. He brings so much energy and innovation to the table. Donlaz is vast and ve got strong passion for public health and general improved health care system in Nigeria and in sub Sahara Africa. His radio health talk show is highly informative. he is a team player. Working with him some years back in the press club was really really insightful. I have no single doubts that he deserves the award

Kenneth Kolo

2015-07-09 02:28

"Don" Laz's #BeatMalaria was launched at my event in 2013, and with vigor, he has amazingly evangelized the gospel of the fight against malaria. The amazing twist is the unconventional strategy he has adopted to preach this gospel. He has not been rigid about it, but has ensured that supporters, sponsors and beneficiaries own the project. IN making it theirs, they have helped spread the impact of the work that Lazarus does. Most interestingly, the project was launched on a tech-based platform, and has pursued its implementation, using every social media tool, applicable. I'm impressed by the work and the consistency.

ifieya kponu

2015-07-09 00:50

A very dedicated professional and a wonderful person. Lazy has committed himself wholly to the cause and deserves the recognition he's getting.

Irete Anetor

2015-07-09 00:24

I have known Dr Laz Ude Eze since 2002 in our college days and in these 13 years (and counting) he has pioneered, innovated, reinvented and single handedly created success stories in virtually all organisations he has been a part of. As a leader in 2003, he motivated young budding writers to become the best and winners of numerous awards and helping them find their passion as they have taken writing as a career now. In Med school, he influenced major outstanding policies has a leader in the student Association and also went ahead to create a Medical Based outreach called "Happy Club". This club has grown and has spread to different states in Nigeria. In the last few years, His Passion for the fight against Malaria Campaign knows no bound, he has use traditional and New media of Radio, TV, Newspaper and Social Media to enlighten the public on the scourge of malaria and how to combat it. This has also led him to go on public health campaigns in rural area as his responsibility to educate and enlighten on the fight against malaria. Dr Laz Ude Eze, He is a man of great vision, skill with a Special heart of gold. You are indeed my Hero

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