People’s Choice for Best Communications – Malaria Hero winner: Bart Knols

About the Award

Being ‘social’ is more than simply using Twitter or Facebook to share content or news. From journalists, bloggers and social media moderators to researchers, policy wonks and those in between, this award is for that stand-out person with the strongest ‘social attitudes’ of helping others and adding value to the malaria response. 


About Bart Knols

Bart Knols is the Chief Innovation Officer at In2Care BV, a company specializing in medical entomology, and Chairman of the Advisory Bard at the Dutch Malaria Foundation. He is also the Founder of MalariaWorld, the largest scientific and social network for malaria professionals. With over 8700 subscribers on MalariaWorld and a robust social media presence, Bart Knols is a brilliant communicator and advocate for malaria. 

MalariaWorld serves as a one-stop shop for malaria debate, forums, expert blogs, event listings, and jobs, summarized in a weekly newsletter of the latest malaria research and articles. The network disseminates its content through active social media engagement on Twitter @KnolsMosquito, @MalariaWorld, @MalariaWorld_, and Facebook.

As well as editing the MalariaWorld journal, Bart Knols has (co)authored more than 140 scientific articles on malaria, 19 book chapters, and a popular Dutch science book book ‘Mosquito: The fascinating world of public enemy number 1’.

You can find out more about Bart Knols’s work on LinkedIn and his website.


Selected comments from supporters 

Lightly edited for clarity 

  • “The way Dr. Knols communicates the most pressing issues on malaria is innovative, diverse, and effective: see his Malaria World (a Facebook equivalent for malaria scientists), Fake Drugs Kill initiative, or one of the TED Talks on innovations in malaria!” (Helena Goldon)
  • “Bart is a creative blogger and writer who communicates like no other!” (Bert Nanninga)
  • “Malaria World is an important meeting place for professionals particularly interested in malaria from all over the world.” (Åse Berg)
  • “Bart Knols has brought new life to the world of malaria control with his incredible enthusiasm and eclectic interests. I have published articles with his open source MalariaWorld Journal and found his editorial assistance very valuable.” (William Jobin)
  • “If 'knowledge is power', then MalariaWorld brings that power and knowledge base to the world at large: The first step to malaria elimination.” (Nanya Patel)
  • “Bart is an all-round champion on fundraising, innovative research, interdisciplinary approaches, putting results into practice, and making the difference. Oh yes, he also explains all of that to both the broad and the professional public in beautiful metaphors.” (Ignas Heitkonig)




Check out Bart's interview with Tim France below, as well as the amazing custom illustration (click image for larger version):

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More on Bart Knols
Check out Bart's website and Twitter, as well as the MalariaWorld pages: Facebook, Twitter, and the main site.