Social Media Awards Africa Malaria Hero winner: Corine Karema

About the Award

Ninety percent of the world’s malaria occurs in African countries. From advocates and activists, to scientists, health workers and those in between, this category recognizes outstanding individuals who use social media to effectively engage their peers and other stakeholders, and showcase the needs and achievements in the fight against malaria in the region.

About Corine Karema

As the head of the National Malaria Control Program in Rwanda, Dr. Karema is at the forefront of research, advocacy and community outreach to fight malaria nationally and throughout the region. With the NMCP, she designed and led the impact evaluation of malaria control interventions. This effort revealed significant reduction in malaria mortality in Rwanda. Her work, along with others, has brought good news to Rwanda: More than 83% of Rwandan households now have insecticide treated mosquito nets, and 99% of malaria cases are treated with effective anti-malarials within 24 hours of symptom onset.  

With a sizable social media presence, she shares the lessons and victories from Rwanda around the world. Through her active Twitter account, followers are regularly informed of relevant news and opinions, along with the work of NMCP. Corine is also involved in several regional and international malaria-related committees, technical groups, and networks. She is the author or coauthor of many publications detailing research from her malaria work. 

Dr. Karema is a strong advocate for social media as an essential tool in this effort, as testified to in recent Tweets:






Selected comments from supporters 

Lightly edited for clarity 

  • "Dr. Corine is an authentic hero in the fight against malaria. Her productive engagement in the fight for malaria control convinced the world that we can defeat malaria forever!" (Emmanuel Ngabire)
  • "Dr. Karema is an outstanding leader in the fight against malaria in Africa. We can hope that her use of social media platforms to share her country's success stories will have a learning impact on many countries and thus for a better world. Kudos, Dr. Karema and keep inspiring the world." (Yvan Butera) 
  • "As a malariologist and the manager for Rwanda's National Malaria Control Program, Corine very easily could be 'too busy' with critical program priorities and needs. However, Corine makes the time and effort to connect with the broader world via social media, to share Rwanda's lessons learned in tackling malaria, and to show us how Rwanda is making progress in eliminating malaria deaths by 2018 - a true malaria hero." (Nancy Fullman)
  • "Her efforts in empowering and motivating Community Health Workers, distributing mosquitoes nets in each and every household, and effective campaigns using radio dramas and village schools, have paid dividends of reducing malaria related mortality rate among rural women and children. We wish her all the best." (Alexandre Marara)



Check out Corine's interview with Tim France below, as well as the amazing custom illustration (click image for larger version):


About the Africa Region Award partner: United Nations Development Program

Since 2003, UNDP has partnered with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to support the implementation of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria programmes in low- and middle-income countries. UNDP acts as an interim principal recipient of grants in crisis or post-crisis situations, strengthening the capacity of national counterparts to administer the programmes in the long-term. 

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