Oluwamayowa Salu


Salu is the founder of The Iba - Malaria Eradication Foundation - an NGO with mission to combat malaria. Salu's involvement in the fight against malaria is testament that passion and commitment to a goal is an essential ingredient to achieving success. Salu, due to his personal experience with the disease, his many battles in the hospital and eventual loss of some of his primary school education to the disease made him start his organization. Salu is an innovator. Since 2012, he has partnered with major local and international organizations to combat the disease. He has received support from the Pollination Project, Exxon Mobil, the German Embassy Nigeria, the US Embassy Nigeria, the Lagos State Ministries of Health and Environment, The International Red Cross Society, and several media organizations in Nigeria. Salu focuses on rural areas with special concentration on women and children. As a health advocate cum activist and an emerging voice in the fight against malaria, Salu strongly advocates for health equity and rural areas and poor people health coverage - simply means, combining the four factors of Place, Product, Price and Promotion to ensure malaria does not continue to serve as an impediment especially for the poor. There are still so many people in Africa who believes Malaria is caused by bad food or water, staying under the sun or even thinking it is spiritual hence Salu's strength in and appetite for strong advocacy and community focused education. Salu understands how powerful conventional and social media is to break the cultural, language and general indifference of people about the need to #DefeatMalaria and hopes that the many impressive ways that he has introduced innovations and galvanized support to #DefeatMalaria can eventually bring an end to the disease . He has mobilized and recruited hundreds of youth volunteers through social media to help in conducting environmental sanitation exercise in the dirtiest communities and to distribute thousands of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets and anti-malaria drugs. His impressive, innovative programs and passion to eradicate malaria has earned him accolades from reputable organizations like the National Youth Service Corps, the Commonwealth, the Mastercard Foundation, the International Youth Foundation amongst others. His quest to ensure everyone is educated about malaria resulted in him building a malaria mobile app available on Google Play Store to educate people about malaria. Salu is at the final stages of publishing a malaria comic book which is designed for in-school and out of school students in all the 54 Sub-Saharan African Countries especially endemic countries, and which will be translated in major languages spoken in Africa and the Asian continent. Salu is a 2012 Commonwealth Youth Awards African finalist, a 2013 Carrington Youth Fellow, 2014 Social Entrepreneur Transforming Africa Fellow and a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow. He was recently elected the President of the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria.



2015-06-17 08:11

Salu has a passion to effect change where he found himself. i am a beneficiary and a witness to his kick out malaria program conducted in my community. This was a wonderful experience, the whole community participated in the project and it was very successful from the cleaning of environment to the medical test and the distribution of treated insecticide nets. This was not just a one-off exercise, there is a sustainability plan in conjunction with local government to make sure the locals are educated on malaria treatment and the regular clearing of big open canals that are thought to be a breeding place for anopheles mosquitoes. These are reasons why change owners like his should be nominated for award of excellence.

bamidele oni

2015-06-16 20:41

Salu's move is quite an inspiration to a lot of young Africans towards making a change within their respective realms of capacity and capability.

Adetola Oniyelu

2015-06-16 10:17

His passion is incredible. He has let the whole world know that we can have a malaria-free generation especially in developing countries. His tenacity, resilience and passion give us hope that a malaria-free home, community, society and world can be a dream come true. He has developed apps and comic books in that respect. Adepeju Salu truly deserves the award.

Emmanuel Acha

2015-06-16 10:15

Salu is a committed young change agent in the fight against the scourge of malaria in Nigeria and Africa at large. I first met him at TechCamp West Africa- a Ghana office US Embassy sponsored program based in Accra, February, 2015. He is such a pragmatic young leader in his cause and I therefore recommend him for this Award.

Wasiu Abdullahi

2015-06-16 09:54

I am yet to meet someone that is half as dedicated to the eradication of malaria as Salu. This is a man that has personally fought and won malaria as a child. He is now our Voltron against malaria. I have a firm belief he will win the fight for the society. I have also been one of the several beneficiaries of his numerous projects. Go Salu!

ayo malaolu

2015-06-16 08:20

Met Salu once. He is friendly and down to earth and an inspiration to his generation. A young mind doing BIG things.His records speaks for him...

Olusola Owonikoko

2015-06-16 05:01

This inspiring young man is very dedicated to combating malaria in slums, inner cities and hard-to-reach communities of Nigeria. His works have saved many lives, especially mothers and children in these communities. I proudly endorse him for this award.

Kayode Yussuf

2015-06-16 04:43

I have had the opportunity to interact with Salu and his passion to eradicate malaria is impeccable. I'd nominate him over and over for this award

Funke Dacosta

2015-06-11 08:08

Salu has an extraordinary passion to combat and eradicate malaria because of his childhood experience with the disease. He is the founder and executive director of the Iba - Malaria Eradication Foundation, a local non-governmental organization with mission to eradicate malaria with special concentration on pregnant women and children in rural areas. Salu has built a malaria mobile app available on Google Play Store to educate anybody anywhere about malaria, has implemented for over five years, the award winning Kick Out Malaria Program which has impacted hundreds of thousands of rural people through intensive malaria education, distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets and anti-malarial drugs, environmental sanitation and installation of waste bins and he has published a malaria comic book (still in English language, but will be translated in all major languages spoken in Nigeria and Africa) for children in public and private primary schools in Nigeria and he is set to start a malaria fellowship program to create a network of young activists who will help fight malaria more effectively. Salu is a 2013 Carrignton Youth Fellow, 2014 Social Entrepreneur Transforming Africa Fellow, and a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow introduced by President Barack Obama.

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