Bill Sullivan


okechukwu peter

2015-11-05 01:38

Let him have it. That will be a good reward to his commitments. Thanks.

Mary Hardin

2015-06-10 04:25

Bill's wit and amazing writing skill make him a "must read" in the field. He maximizes the benefits of social media to bring the world of science to the masses.

N. Beth Line

2015-06-10 03:48

Bill strives to bring malaria news to scientists and laypersons alike through a variety of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and a popular science web site that he co-founded called THE 'SCOPE (http://thescopepopculturescience.blogspot

Bobby Ramakant

2015-06-03 03:50

Bill provides a steady stream of malaria science news on Twitter - good to follow!

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