Bart Knols


Founder of MalariaWorld, the world's largest professional and social network for malaria professionals. With currently more than 8600 subscribers (free of charge) in >140 countries. Stimulating debate, forums, expert blogs, listing meetings, jobs, etc. Sending out a weekly newsletter with all new malaria articles published that week. Editor of the MalariaWorld Journal, the first Open Access journal on malaria where you don't pay to read and don't pay to publish. Bart has also written blogs on malaria for the European Journalism Centre fort heir THINK3! Competition, of which he was a winner (and visited the Millennium villages in Kenya afterwards). He has (co)authored more than 140 scientific articles on malaria, 19 book chapters, and served as editor on 3 books. He also authored the popular science book ‘Mosquito: The fascinating world of public enemy number 1’ (in Dutch). Besides his voluntary work for MalariaWorld, which has been active for the last 5 years, he is a Director of In2Care, a Dutch company he (co)founded in 2011, which develops novel tools to control mosquito-borne diseases, notably malaria and dengue. He also serves as Chair of the Advisory Board of the Dutch Malaria Foundation (which he helped to set up in 2010). He currently serves as the PI on a 5-country EU-FP7 funded project that develops mosquito contamination devices. Websites: MalariaWorld: Personal website: Company website: EU Project website:


Thiery Alavo

2015-11-04 19:28

Bart is simply an exemple of what we have to do in term of malaria elimination: A lot of achievements with little financial ressources !

Innocent Omalu

2015-11-04 19:10

Malaria world has been very informative through this media

Nayna Patel

2015-11-04 18:23

If 'Knowledge is Power', then Malaria World brings that power and the knowledge base to the world at large. The first step to malaria elimination.

Jaipal Singh

2015-11-04 17:46

Congratulation Bart Knols, its really great efforts and it would excellent plat form for malaria and also help to young researcher who want join malaria field. and i want to strongly recommended for Bart for this award and we are also learning from these experience to eliminate malaria from world.

Leonard Mboera

2015-11-04 15:53

I strongly support your efforts! Keep it up!

Chijioke Okoli

2015-11-04 13:22

Congratulation, Dr Bart. Malaria World has made research on malaria enjoyable!

Indra Vythilingam

2015-11-04 12:34

Bart Knols has done a wonderful job bringing the people working in malaria together.

Christopher Haggarty-Weir

2015-11-04 11:51

Good luck Bart, you truly deserve to win :)

Chris Paddon

2015-11-04 10:39

MalariaWorld is an enormously useful tool for staying updated on research in all areas relating to malaria.

Elton Rogozi

2015-11-04 10:18

I believe and I've read many papers and works from Bart. I think he deserves this award more than others do.

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