Awalludin Sutamihardja


He is actively promote malaria awareness in medsos. He is also a malaria researcher since 1992. Starting as malaria microscopist in West Papua, Indonesia. He has promote malaria awareness and work to fight malaria many malaria endemic areas such as Indonesia, Vanuatu, Cambodia, Navy lab in Maryland USA, working at NIH USA, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and now Vietnam. He is guru for microscopist for PFSPZ malaria vaccine accross Africa. He has involved in the making of Malaria Training Centre in Waikabubak of Sumba Island. He promote his work into sosmed to inspire others to make malaria only a history.


esther novelina

2015-11-07 01:54

Selamat & sukses ya kang Awal

Suhartin Sugianto

2015-11-06 22:22

Cemungudh mas Awal, semoga berhasil !

Gogod Tujuanto

2015-11-06 13:55

Good Luck Bro Awal..., terimakasih atas perjuangannya

Anita Emmayanti

2015-11-06 12:36

Kang Awal sukses ya..ikut bangga deh..

Willy Qadarisman

2015-11-06 11:28


saraswati soebianto

2015-11-06 11:19

Semaaangaad yak yaak

Najih Nahali

2015-11-06 05:57

Selamat awaluddin, sukses ya kang

Ha Nguyen

2015-11-06 03:08

Bravo.....Good luck Awal

budi anto

2015-11-06 02:11

Goodluck pak....

Edwin Kabuje

2015-11-06 00:28

Good luck sir

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